EZbutton (answer by buttons)

Source:kigate team

EZbutton help you to answer (normal / speaker phone) / be silent / reject by volume and camera buttons.

(You can set actions by yourself and can use your default incoming call screen as well at the same time.)

This app use signal from default phone app, So please think it as an app helping answering a call.

* EZanswer includes all the following apps.
1. EZtouch : asnwer / reject a call by screen touch.
2. EZbutton : answer / reject a call by hardware button.
3. EZshake : answer / reject a call by shake and upside down.
4. EZblock : call blocker.
5. EZnotice : Notice hang up by vibration.
6. Full screen Image (caller ID)
7. Display additional info (Company, department, title, notes)
8. ?

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OS:Android 2.0 and up